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Cape Union Mart – Treatment | Tristan Smith - Photographer & Videographer

A treatment by Tristan Smith


                                                                  Tristan Smith is a photographer and videographer based in Cape Town South Africa.

                                                                  His style stems from the love of nature, the outdoors & a passion for working with people.

                                                                  His video and imagery aim to create authentic and compelling stories that speak for

                                                                  themselves. Tristan is traveling abroad to the U.K at the end of November, and will be

                                                                  visiting some beautiful locations not only in England, but in Wales too. 

                                                                  Click here to see previous projects.    


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present this treatment to you.

It is my intention to honour the identity that Cape Union Mart has created, by creating a video that

echos adventure, passion for the outdoors & most importantly, a compelling story. 

This video will serve as a resource, which will showcase an emotional side 

between a man and his gear.



                            The film will follow a man who lives and works on a 200 year old boat in rural England. It will

                            follow him on his day to day activities whilst placing

                            an emphasis on the K-Way gear throughout. The entire film will be

                            narrated by the sailor, as he elaborates on his accounts with the rough weather, and unforgiving

                            landscapes, therefor showcasing how he uses his gear, and how having quality gear is everything 

                            in his situations. The entire film will be approximately 1.5 – 2 minutes in length, a digestible

                            time frame that can be showcased on all social media platforms.





The boat, where much of the video will be filmed:















To achieve a coherent and precise film, only K-Way gear will be used. 


       As mentioned in the concept, this gear will be at the core of what the film represents 


& what it is about. The cost of this project will be R10.000


deliverables will include the film, being 1.5 – 2 minutes.  





Thank you, 

Treatment by Tristan Smith.